They love, honor and cherish…burritos

Couple eating Chipotle

The folks down at Chipotle in Elk Grove, California, last week found themselves in the middle of a burrito-themed engagement party.

The Sacramento Bee reports that Chris Piwinski decided to pop the question to Natalie Neach at their local Chipotle, scene of many high school dates, post-squabble feasts and even a Valentine’s Day dinner when the fancy restaurant was full.

“It’s where we go,” he said. “We love it.”

So with the company’s cooperation, Chris stashed their friends at the pizza parlor next door, went through the line, put down his burrito and pulled out the ring as employees put their favorite song on the speakers.

Natalie said yes, even though it will be a mixed marriage – he likes the tortilla version, she goes for the bowl. Chipotle catered the ensuing party, complete with a cake topped with an icing burrito.

No details yet on what they’ll serve at the wedding.

We like Chipotle, and we wish the happy couple a lifetime of all the chips and guac their hearts desire. And there are many fine fast food emporiums and budget-friendly eateries close to our stores for your engagement party.

But we do have to wonder: if Chris had bought Natalie’s ring at Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange, he would have saved enough to stage his unforgettable life event at a really, really nice restaurant.