Necklace Repair

Necklace repair

A lot can go wrong with your favorite necklace, but whatever it is, we can fix it. Is that clasp getting harder to fasten? Our jewelers can replace it with a larger one, or even a magnetic clasp that’s the easiest of all.

If a link breaks, we’ll repair or replace it. If your style has changed, we can shorten the chain. The bale – the piece that attaches a pendant to the chain – can wear down or break, but we can build it back up or replace it. And we’ll clean it, course. You’ll go home with a necklace that looks brand new.

Earring Repair

Man Inspecting Diamond

When it comes to earrings, we’ve got your back – your earring back, that is. If yours is lost or broken, we’ll replace it, with the options of a stronger “fatback” or a screw back for a more secure connection.

On the other side, we’ll make sure the gemstones or pearls adhere securely to the studs and repair any weak or broken links in dangle or drop earrings. Are there diamonds or other precious stones in the family that had been part of a cherished ring or necklace and that now you’d like to make into earrings? It’s no problem for our master craftsmen.

Ring Repair

Of all your jewelry, rings may get the toughest workout. That can make for a lot of repair work – especially on the band: professionally cleaning the ring, securing or replacing gemstones, repairing and retipping the prongs that hold the stones.

We do it all. And when your finger changes, or the ring is passed along to a whole new hand, we’ll resize it – up or down – for a perfect fit. A white gold rings sparkles thanks to the rhodium plating, which wears off over time. So it periodically needs to be replated to restore the original gleam. That’s one of our specialties.

Bracelet Repair

Your bracelet gets pulled and tugged and bounced around each day, and that can take a toll. We’ll make it right again.

We can replace clasps and jump rings, which connect charms or clasps to the bracelet or adjust the setting on worn jewelry. If a link breaks or wears through, we’ll fix it. We hope the diamonds on that beautiful tennis bracelet never loosen or fall out, but we’ll take care of that, too.

Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange can add extensions or remove links to ensure a perfect fit, or add a small, elegant safety chain to ensure that if the clasp comes undone, your cherished bracelet isn’t going far.

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