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Bridal & Engagement Rings

At Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange, we meticulously select the best quality diamonds to handcraft your dream engagement ring. If you like a great price, you are going to love the tremendous value you get with our loose GIA-certified diamonds. You’ll get twice the ring for half the price.

Bridal FAQs

Do y'all carry brand new & pre-owned engagement rings?

 Yes, we do. Whether pre-owned rings are your thing or not, we have plenty of brand new rings in our cases as well.

Do y'all carry men’s wedding bands?

Yes, we do. We carry both new and pre-owned men’s wedding bands.

Can I get a custom engagement ring?

Absolutely!  We offer a variety of options when it comes to creating a custom engagement ring.  Every ring is different, so we will work with you to go over the process.

What if I don’t know my fiancee's ring size?

We recommend having the wearer present so we can get the correct ring size. If the ring is a surprise, we suggest bringing it in after the proposal for a fitting.