Put A Ring On It – And Leave It There

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Buying engagement and wedding rings at Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange was always a great idea and a great deal. Now it’s even better.

That’s because – and maybe it’s not the ideal subject for this joyous occasion, but hey, stuff happens – odds are better than ever that you’re putting on those rings for good.

Phillip Cohen, professor of sociology and the University of Maryland, has crunched U.S. Census Bureau numbers and concluded that millennials are leading the way in the decline of divorce rates in America.

“We see people getting married at older ages, people getting married with college degrees already,” Cohen said. “They are less likely to be already divorced or have children when they get married, both of which are risk factors for divorce.”

Overall, divorce rates dropped 18 percent from 2008 to 2016, even though surveys have tracked an increase in divorce among older Americans in recent decades – with far less social stigma than there used to be. But millennials are setting a new standard for not rushing into marriage, then sticking with it once they’ve tied the knot.

“The change among young people is particularly striking,” Susan Brown, a sociology professor at Bowling Green State University, said of Cohen’s results. “The characteristics of young married couples today signal a sustained decline [in divorce rates] in the coming years.”

So we’ll be even more conscientious about helping your pick the right rings. Because chances are better than ever you’re going to love them forever.

7 thoughts on “Put A Ring On It – And Leave It There

  1. Camille Devaux says:

    Since divorce rates are declining so much, it makes sense that you would want to keep your ring in good shape. Finding a jewelry repair service that you could visit might solve this issue. My cousin is a newly wed and might enjoy this tip.

  2. Ron Booker says:

    I found it interesting that you said that Millenials are setting a new standard when it comes to marriage, not rushing into marriage. My sister is soon to get married and she told me that she was going to look for a fine jewelry place to buy the rings. I’m going to suggest to her about finding a place where they care about your benefit and not their pockets.

  3. Randy Chorvack says:

    I think it’s good that Millenials aren’t rushing into marriage. In my opinion, the best relationships are the ones you’ve taken your time to build. It’s so awesome that the divorce rate is going down.

  4. Saby says:

    Its good people are trying to understand each other and not jumping to the final conclusion of Divorce, because better the understanding lesser the rate of Divorce.
    Millennials should spend quality time with each other so that they can realize the value of a caring significant Half.

  5. Emma Johnson says:

    That’ really great news. Now, with these stats, we can say find a jewelry store, buy a ring and give it to your soulmate and stay together for the rest of life. Cheers!!!

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