We Can’t Wait For The Ballpark Proposal Video

Ant carrying dimond

Most jewelry stores, including Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange, have friendly but efficient security measures in place. The better we protect our beautiful merchandise, the more we can offer amazing deals, and we do.

But maybe we need to focus on pest control as well.

That’s the lesson from the current viral video of an ant brazenly staging a diamond heist at a jewelry store. There aren’t many details, although one report places it in Italy.

Nor do we know whether the culprit made off with the jewel or faced swift justice at the bottom of a shoe. Perhaps it’s a publicity stunt teasing the romantic possibilities in the current movie Ant-Man and The Wasp.

But it’s well known that ants can haul many times their own body weight, so be sure your jewelry box is secure. And whatever the circumstances, it’s an irresistible video, and it’s here.