All About The Type Two American Silver Eagle

Sometimes, even the classics need a makeover. That’s why the American mint decided to give the iconic Eagle line of coins a refresh. Designed by Emily Dastra, the updated obverse and reverse sides of Type Two American Eagle coins are sporting a new look featuring some familiar faces. Read on to learn more about the update!

Type Two American Silver Eagle Security Changes

Being America’s favorite coin comes with its challenges. Everyone wants them, so the market is ripe for counterfeiters. The newest update seeks to change that by adding an anti-counterfeit measure in the form of a notch at the six o’clock position sculpted into the die collar on the reverse side, interrupting the reading. Some may argue that this doesn’t seem like much of an anti-counterfeit measure but keep in mind this is one of many new measures. U.S. Mint officials are not disclosing other anti-counterfeiting enhancements that have been introduced to avoid tipping off counterfeiters.

Type Two Design Changes

Now that we’ve gotten the technical part out of the way, we can move on to the exciting design changes for the Type Two American Eagles. First, coin lovers will notice that there’s a completely new eagle design. Damstra designed an eagle with wings fully stretched, just coming out of flight. The design replaces John Mercantis’ heraldic eagle. According to Coinweek, the eagle is landing at a nest just out of frame. Damstra chose this motif because eagles are her favorite representation of the U.S. A bald eagle, which has graced countless past American coins, had never before appeared on a U.S. coin in the dynamic way it is depicted on the new design. She reviewed past eagle designs on our coins before reaching that conclusion.

Type Two American Eagles are a wonderful new way to add to your coin collection. Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange has them in stock, ready for cash and carry. The Bullion Desk of Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange is available to answer any questions you may have. Call us at (469)-722-5800 or email us at [email protected].