Put A Ring On It!

Diamond Implant on Finger

There’s a terrible new trend out there that Dallas Gold & Silver is determined to stop. Women are going on social media to display the new diamonds on their fingers – without a ring.

          “Nothing says everlasting love like burrowing a gemstone in your skin,” Marie Claireproclaims sarcastically in an article on the subject.

            Here are the painful details: you implant an anchor under your skin, insert a diamond stud, and then pray you don’t snag it on your sweater.

            PLEASE! DON’T! We can help!

            If you shop at Dallas Gold & Silver, you can afford the diamond AND the ring. We even do custom settings at prices you won’t believe.

            You’ll be safe, you’ll be happy, and you’ll have enough money left over to buy Band-Aids and disinfectant to help out any friends who think every trend is a good idea.