Luxury Watch Guide: Rolex Datejust

The date displays on luxury watches seems as classic as the time displays. However, it wasn’t until Rolex rolled out the Datejust that this feature became commonplace. The Datejust is the best-selling Rolex of all time, and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down. Keep reading to learn more about the Datejust and why it remains “the classic watch of reference.”

About the Rolex Datejust

The Datejust is a great choice for a beginner luxury watch owner or collector. As the best-selling Rolex, there are many variations of the model. Everything from the bracelet to the dial is customizable, so you’re sure to find the perfect model for you. It’s arguably the most recognizable luxury watch, and its design has remained largely unchanged since its release. While trends come and go, the Datejust stays a classic.

History of the Datejust

Released in 1945, the Datejust was the first self-winding chronometer wristwatch to display the date in a window right on the dial. It set the standard in the luxury watch industry, as the mechanics of the automatic date switch at midnight was revolutionary. The release commemorated Rolex’s 40th anniversary. Along with the Datejust’s debut came the Jubilee bracelet, which remains a popular choice for other Rolex models to this day. While the Rolex Oyster bracelet is great for watch-wearers who use their Rolex during sailing or diving, the Jubilee bracelet is the dressier option for everyday wear or even a night out.

The Datejust in Pop Culture

Since its release, the Datejust has been sported by many popular figures. Winston Churchill was gifted one of the first Datejusts during WWII by Rolex’s founder, Hans Wildorf.

Picture Courtesy of Wrist Enthusiast

Another prominent political figure to don a Datejust is President Joe Biden. In fact, he wore his Datejust during his inauguration earlier this year.

Joe Biden giving a speech during his 2021 presidential inauguration with a Rolex on his wrist.
Photo courtesy of The New York Times

Other famous Datejust fans include Roger Federer, Michael Jordan, Jennifer Aniston, and David Beckham.