Looking For Trends? Try These On 

JCK Trade Show

Looking For Trends? Try These On 

Should be you getting into ear stacks? Talismans? Opals and emeralds? 

JCK, a leading jewelry industry magazine, convened its annual trade show in Las Vegas last week, billed as the country’s largest exposition of what’s hot and what’s new. 

For a panel discussion on those subjects, the magazine convened three fashion forecasters, Shane Clark, Kareem Rashed and Lauren Eggertsen, along with its own editors. The full report is here, but in case you just want the highlights: 

  • Younger buyers are embracing fine jewelry and popular designers more than ever, and pairing those choices with fancy couture. 
  • When new princess Meghan Markle flashed a big aquamarine ring that once belonged to Harry’s mom Diana, she probably set off a stampede to beautiful blue stones. 
  • Current buzzwords you need to work into the conversation include shell-motif earrings and necklaces, bypass rings (that don’t close in a circle), rainbow palettes (jewelry with stones of many colors) and edgy pearls, a modern version of grandma’s favorite. 
  • There are lots of ways to stack jewelry – earrings that climb up your ear, side-by-side-by-side diamonds in an engagement ring (which Meghan is bringing back into style), and layers of necklaces with pendants displaying monograms, zodiac signs or amulets. 
  • Look out for Lucite, the translucent material that’s been around since the ‘30s but still trendy, because it can be molded and colored in endless ways. 

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