It’s a great deal. We’re in the parking lot. What could go wrong?

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It’s a great deal. We’re in the parking lot. What could go wrong?

We hate to keep nagging, but some people aren’t getting the message: don’t buy gold  in the parking lot!

A gold-buying store in Edmonton, Canada, reports that at least 17 people have come in over a two-day period to sell what they thought was gold, only to learn it was shiny junk they got from con artists.

“I often get fake jewelry in, but these were all the same type pieces,” said Sara Patterson-Robert.

The good-hearted dupes reported similar stories: they were approached by people with hard-luck tales and allegedly gold jewelry they were willing to exchange for a few hundred bucks to get home, or care for an ailing parent, or whatever.

The real hard-luck story comes inside the store, where Ms. Patterson-Robert has to break the news they’ve been conned.

About 300 miles down Trans-Canada Highway 16 in Saskatoon, police issued a public warning about a nearly identical scam that occurred nearly a dozen times in a week.

“Like many fraud cases, the suspects play on victims’ emotions,” the police advised.

If you’re looking to buy gold, and there are many reasons you should, please don’t go shopping in the parking lot. At Dallas Gold & Silver, we have great coffee, four decades of integrity – and real gold.