What Your Watch Says About You

While we live in the age of the smartphone, watches are still an important component to everyone’s wardrobe. They don’t just tell time — watches show the world who you are and what you value. No matter what kind of watch you wear, the fact that you wear a watch at all shows that you’re competent and trustworthy. In fact, you’re more likely to get that job or promotion while wearing a wrist watch.

So, you wear a watch and we know you’re a dependable person. What kind of watch do you rock and what does that say about your personality?


If you wear a Rolex, you might be a traditionalist. You value the long-term investment over the latest fad. Whether it’s your money, career or relationships, you carefully plan your actions with the future in mind. If it’s a big-ticket item that you won’t be using in ten years, you won’t buy it. Practicality rules in your day-to-day life.

While you don’t subscribe to passing trends, you’re your own kind of trendsetter. When people ask you about your clean, high-caliber style, your answer is simple — “invest in quality.”


If you wear a Breitling, you might be a pioneer with a case of wanderlust. Your taste for adventure shines through whether you’re taking an African safari or checking out the new hotspot in your hometown. Breitlings are made with adventure in mind — they can withstand sky-diving, spelunking, scuba diving, and pretty much whatever else your rebel spirit will throw its way. Wearing a watch that can handle this action shows that you go big or go home. You’re willing to dig deep and give everything your 100% best, whether it’s in business or life.

Tag Heur

If you wear a Tag, you might be stylish. Your look is important to you, and you’ve perfected every detail of it. While trends don’t dictate your life, you still keep an eye on them and discern which trends match your style and which you’d rather let fade without participating. Just as you take great care perfecting your look, you take just as great care in life and in work. Before you send that email, you’re sure there are no typos. When you plan a trip, the itinerary is worked out far in advance. Your devotion towards getting it right the first time and dependability are made evident by that perfectly picked style of Tag on your wrist.


If you wear an Omega, you might be an innovator. To be sure, it’s no coincidence that the Omega Speedmaster was the watch worn by the Apollo 11 astronauts. You’re a born leader with a future-oriented mindset. You’ve got the bright ideas, whether those ideas are for leading your company bravely into the future or preventing another meltdown from your toddler. Your forward-looking mindset is a vital key to your success, and you’ve put that mindset towards one of your most important investments: your Omega.

Do you relate to one of these personality descriptions, but don’t own the corresponding watch? Come in to Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange and find the watch that speaks to you. Show the world what you’re made of!