Please Be Careful Scratching Your Nose

rose gold flower diamond ring

You’re looking at the new Guinness World Record holder for most cut diamonds in a single ring.

Vishal Agarwal and Khushbu Agarwal, two jewelers in Surat, India, seized the honor by designing and creating an 18 karat rose gold ring composed of 48 petals embedded with a total of 6,690 cut diamonds. It took them six months, but they shattered the previous record of a mere 3,827 cut diamonds.

The ring weighs about 2 ounces (about a half-ounce more than a golf ball) and is said to be worth $4.1 million.

The design, the men said in a joint statement, is inspired by the lotus flower, which grows on water, because it is India’s national flower and depicts “the beauty growing in the water world.”

They added, “As fame is so much attached to a Guinness World Records title, we can put it to good use by bringing together like-minded people to work towards a beautiful world.”

Congratulations to the Agarwals from Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange, which also works toward a beautiful world with our amazing selection of diamonds, jewelry and fine watches. But we admit that the new world champion ring also inspires us to work toward ordering a certain delicious, high-fat appetizer at our local Australian-themed steakhouse.