July Birthstone Spotlight: Ruby

Those of you with July birthdays already know your birth month is full of fiery fun. Whether it’s the heat of summer or firecrackers on Independence Day, July has as much vibrancy as its birthstone: the ruby!

What’s in a ruby?

According to GIA, “chromium is the trace element that causes a ruby’s red, which ranges from an orangy red to a purplish red.” Another factor that goes into a ruby’s intensity is whether or not it was formed in marble. The GIA claims that “marble has low iron content, so the rubies that originate in marble lack iron.” It’s due to this process that many have an intense red color. Some of the most renowned rubies are from Myanmar, northern Vietnam and the Himalayas are typically formed in marble.

What’s so great about the July birthstone?

Besides their gorgeous, sanguine color, rubies are among the most valuable gemstones. Coming in just after colored diamonds, they command the highest cost per carat out of the colored gemstones. In fact, the most expensive ruby piece, The Sunrise Ruby, smashed world records when it sold in Geneva, Switzerland for $30.4 million. Included in the hefty price sticker is the gold ring and diamonds with which the ruby was set.

On top of their high price point, rubies also carry historical significance. One of the world’s first lasers was created using the July birthstone. In 1960, scientist Theodore Maiman used the red fluorescence of the ruby to create the world’s first laser. He used a ruby rod, reflecting mirrors and a flash lamp to emit light. According to an article by Forbes, “one of the coolest applications of the ruby laser back in the day was that it was used to measure the distance to the Moon in 1969.”

Along with the distinction of July birthstone, the ruby is also the gem for 15th and 40th anniversaries. Whether you have a loved one with a birthday in July or one of these milestone anniversaries is around the corner, Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange can help you find the perfect ruby piece.