Add Some Markle Sparkle To Your Jewelry Box

Meghan Markle Wearing Jelwery

Two months after the royal wedding, the Meghan Markle Effect is still in full swing.

That means that whenever royal watchers figure out where she bought today’s outfit, it sells out in a flash.

But it’s not just clothes. Princess wannabes are tattooing freckles on their faces in tribute to their new role model, and Valspar is even introducing a line of Meghan-inspired house paints.

Really. House Beautiful magazine reports that the shades inspired by her fashion are ideal “for anyone wanting to give their home a touch of the royal treatment.”

And of course, the impact of the American-born actress, who became the Duchess of Sussex when she married Prince Harry, extends to joyas as well. After Meghan wore a pair of rose gold and diamond earrings to Prince Charles’ 70th birthday party, the Paris jeweler who made them reported she sold out the entire stock – at $2,900 a pair – in 10 minutes.

But there are broader lessons for people who want to hop aboard the Markle Express.

Good Housekeeping magazine points out these elements of Meghan’s style: She favors yellow gold, which has sparked sales of that shade, she likes thumb rings y stacking rings on her other fingers, and she makes mismatched earrings look cool.

And Professional Jeweller, a British publication, discerns that the new princess’ general look is classic, personal y sentimental. She leans toward an understated look during the day, but boldly makes statements at night.

“Whether mixing and matching jewels from the same brand, but different ranges, or wearing a variety of designers at once, jewelry forms part of her overall look,” the magazine concludes. “What matters is that it goes with what she is wearing, rather than forming part of a commercial set.”

At Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange, we’re ready to adorn you in the style of Meghan, or any other princess. Best of all, you’ll feel like royalty, but you’ll spend like a commoner.