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So, you’ve decided to start looking for a diamond engagement ring. Good news — you’re in excellent hands! We’ll help you find your dream engagement ring at Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange for the very best price. The first step in creating the perfect engagement ring is choosing the right diamond, starting with its shape. Choosing the diamond shape for your engagement ring is deeply personal, so take your time in making the right decision. To help you along your path to the perfect engagement ring, check out the Diamond Shape Guide from the experts at Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange:

Diamond Shape 101

Even if you’re just beginning your journey to your dream diamond, chances are the first thing that comes to mind is its shape. A diamonds shape (not to be confused with cut), refers to the general silhouette of the stone, according to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Each diamond shape has their own defining attributes that match different styles and personalities.


Round diamonds reign supreme as the most popular engagement ring choice. They are a classic option that look gorgeous in a wide variety of settings. It makes them the perfect diamonds to pass down as a family heirloom because they stand the test of time and trends. This shape is well-suited for the woman with traditional style and who keeps their accessories simple and timeless.


As the second most popular diamond shape behind round, this diamond fits a wide variety of styles from contemporary to traditional. Like the round diamond, it fits perfectly many different settings. If you are on the hunt for a diamond that is easy on the budget, the princess cut is a great option since the process of cutting is simpler and keeps more of the rough diamond — and, of course, it shines just as brightly as other shapes!


Emerald cut diamonds are a fabulous way to make a statement. They stand out among other cuts due to their mirror-like step facets and their elongated, rectangular shape. Emerald diamonds make wonderful solitaire options, three stone settings or settings with small accent diamonds. This diamond suits a wearer with sophisticated style and can also give an elongated effect to ring fingers.


This royal shape is unique in that it is the first diamond shape to be patented — and it’s no surprise why The Asscher Diamond Company would want this cut all to themselves! This diamond shape is cut with step facets, similar to the emerald cut diamond. The “hall of mirrors” effect with the Asscher cut exudes old Hollywood glamour and royalty, so this is the perfect shape for the bride-to-be that dreams big and has a flair for vintage items


This regal cut is making a comeback — and for good reason! The marquise diamond boasts a brilliant 58 facets and its slim figure can appear larger than its carat weight. Some are even opting to set it horizontally for a modern take on an antique-style shape. Setting it vertically can have a slimming effect, as well. This style is perfect for the recipient with a flair for vintage and elegant style.


This stone in particular is having a moment. Oval diamonds are a modern twist on the classic round diamond. Similar to the round diamond, they fit wonderfully in a variety of settings. The elongated shape of oval stones can also make a ring finger appear longer and leaner. This shape is a beautiful option for the bride-to-be with chic and modern style.


This unique style resembles a teardrop and, according to the GIA, “blends the best of the round and marquise diamond shapes.” A versatile shape, some romantics like to wear their pear-shaped diamond with the point facing their heart, while others find a slimming effect with the point facing the tip of their fingers. We find this cut gorgeous with a curved band shaped to hug the diamond — it makes a fabulous compliment to a stunning shape.


If your bride-to-be is a romantic with an affinity for pink, look no further than the heart-shaped diamond. Living up to its name, the heart diamond embodies the symbol of love and affection and therefore makes a gorgeous engagement or anniversary ring, or even as a special gift for Valentine’s Day. This diamond is cut similarly to the pear shape and features two rounded edges divided by one cleft. Here’s a little-known fact about heart shape diamonds: it is one of the most difficult cuts to create, making it all the more special!


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