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The Modern Guide to Men’s Jewelry

Have you ever considered wearing men’s jewelry, but weren’t sure where to start? With the popularity of social media and online shopping, it seems everyone’s style is on display more so than ever before. This means seriously upping your fashion game, whether you’re a man or a woman. Men’s jewelry is seeing a resurgence in […]

For The Ruby Slippers, There’s No Place Like Home

Dorothy Red Slippers

Great news from the world of rubies: Dorothy’s legendary Ruby Slippers from The Wizard of Oz have been found, 13 years after they were stolen from the Judy Garland Museum in her hometown of Grand Rapids, Minn. The FBI announced the recovery this week after having the slippers authenticated at the Smithsonian Institution, which has […]

How Did Blue Diamonds Get That Way? We Think We Know

Kate Winslet Blue Diamond Necklace

Blue diamonds are the rarest kind. Roughly one in every 200,000 diamonds has the tint that makes the Hope Diamond so magical and made us swoon over Kate Winslet in Titanic. A new study in the journal Nature gives us the best idea yet how it happens, and how they got here. Researchers analyzed 46 […]

We Can’t Wait For The Ballpark Proposal Video

Ant carrying dimond

Most jewelry stores, including Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange, have friendly but efficient security measures in place. The better we protect our beautiful merchandise, the more we can offer amazing deals, and we do. But maybe we need to focus on pest control as well. That’s the lesson from the current viral video of an ant […]

Add Some Markle Sparkle To Your Jewelry Box

Meghan Markle Wearing Jelwery

Two months after the royal wedding, the Meghan Markle Effect is still in full swing. That means that whenever royal watchers figure out where she bought today’s outfit, it sells out in a flash. But it’s not just clothes. Princess wannabes are tattooing freckles on their faces in tribute to their new role model, and […]

Looking For Trends? Try These On 

JCK Trade Show

Looking For Trends? Try These On  Should be you getting into ear stacks? Talismans? Opals and emeralds?  JCK, a leading jewelry industry magazine, convened its annual trade show in Las Vegas last week, billed as the country’s largest exposition of what’s hot and what’s new.  For a panel discussion on those subjects, the magazine convened […]

An Intoxicating Way to Think About Gold

Gold Tea Kettle

An Intoxicating Way to Think About Gold        There are many ways to assess the worth of gold, including its dollar value, comparison to the stock market, or whether it beats the inflation rate.         Since 1950, a Liechtenstein-based asset management company called Incrementum has another method: how much beer […]