March Birthstone Spotlight: Aquamarine

aquamarine - March birthstone

When the calendar hits March, Dallasites know to get ready for beautiful days mixed with spring showers. That’s why aquamarine is the perfect gemstone for those with March birthdays. The sparkle and color perfectly embody the mix of sunshine and rain that spring brings. However, aquamarine connects to a different kind of water source: the ocean. The name Aquamarine comes from the Latin word for “water of the sea,” and the bluish hues are said to bring a sense of calm. Sailors would often carry this gemstone on their ships in hopes of calmer water. Read on to learn more about this March birthstone!

What is Aquamarine?

Aquamarine is the green-blue to blue variety of the mineral beryl. Its color is usually a light pastel greenish blue. Darker blue aquamarines are typically more desirable, so heat treatments deepen bluish hues. The Aquamarine is fairly durable, ranking 7.5 to 8.0 on the Mohs hardness scale, and can be mined at high elevations in Pakistan’s Karakoram Mountains, according to GIA. Additionally, miners find Aquamarine in Brazil, China, Kenya, Madagascar, Ukraine, and even here in the United States.

Aquamarine was designated the March birthstone in 1952 and is the gem of the 19th wedding anniversary. As a member of the beryl family, it is closely related to emerald and morganite.

Aquamarine Carvings and Jewelry

Skulls by Luis Quispe

Like other beryls, aquamarine forms large crystals suitable for large carvings and fashioned gems. While carvings are popular for translucent to opaque aquamarine, the deeper blue aquamarines in the right hands make beautiful jewelry. Gemologist can cut Aquamarines into almost any shape, and faceted aquamarines often have no eye-visible inclusions. A popular shape for this stone is round or oval brilliant cuts and emerald cuts. In some stones, cut-cornered cuts prevent chipping.

Aquamarine is a great option for jewelry because it is readily available. Additionally, it has an intense sparkle even under low light conditions. During her wedding, Meghan Markle has sported this stone in a cocktail ring. As a result, interest in the aquamarine resurfaced. She received the unique piece from her husband, Prince Harry, during their wedding. According to Gem Society, the yellow gold cocktail ring belonged to the late Princess Diana.

Even if it isn’t your birthday or 19th wedding anniversary, we think aquamarine is a fabulous gemstone for all occasions. Visit us to see some beautiful aquamarine pieces in person! If we don’t have the right piece, we’ll find or make one for you with our talented jewelers.