J. Lo’s Green Diamond

Photo of a green diamond and Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez’s love don’t cost a thing, but she still got a pretty solid engagement ring from Ben Affleck! J. Lo’s newest engagement ring features an 8.5-carat ultra-rare green diamond with white diamonds. Affleck and Lopez were previously engaged in the early 2000s, so this is technically their second engagement and second engagement ring. The celebrity ring is worth a whopping $5-$7 million! If you’re like us, you might want to learn more about green diamonds and how they come to be. Read on to learn more about this beautiful phenomenon!

Photo Courtesy of Page Six Style https://pagesix.com/2022/04/09/all-about-jennifer-lopezs-green-engagement-ring-from-ben-affleck/

About Green Diamonds

The most common diamond colors are clear, black, and brown. Other colors are much rarer; Bennifer’s first engagement ring was a pink diamond, even more rare than the green one she dawns now. Another rare and highly sought-after color of a diamond includes blue. You may have heard of quite a famous blue diamond: The Hope Diamond.

Green diamonds result from specific imperfections in the diamond’s structure, most commonly caused by radiation damage. In a clear diamond, every color gets reflected. However, in a green diamond, radiation from nearby uranium or thorium ore can hit a diamond’s carbon structure and cause light to bounce off it differently, creating a green hue. 


There are reports of green diamonds in nearly every country that produces diamonds. However, según GIA, some localities consistently dig up more of these valuable stones. These countries include Brazil, Guyana, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, and India. The largest green diamond is the 41-carat Dresden Green Diamond. From the Golconda mines in India, it has a clarity of VS1 and potentially internally flawless, if slightly recut.

 While every diamond is unique, we love the imperfections that create a specialty color diamond. In fact, we think this imperfect diamond is the perfect choice for the rekindled Bennifer romance! What do you think?