All that glitters… shouldn’t be traded for a guitar

Painting a rock gold

Like Grandma always told us: Never buy gold in a parking lot.

Kudos to Cody Gleason, a Dallas man who braved embarrassment and went public with his tale of foolishly trading a $3,000 guitar for gold bullion that turned out to be fake.

As seen here in a TV news story, Gleason refurbishes guitars and sells them on Craigslist. A buyer offered to trade him gold bullion and arranged a meeting in a parking lot. Gleason brought a magnet that he thought proved the gold’s authenticity, and made the deal.

The next day he took it to a gold trader, who gave him the bad news. Police tracked down the scammer, who’s facing fraud charges. Though understandably sheepish, Gleason told his cautionary tale to spread a message that you’d hope everyone would already know.

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