Guía de relojes de lujo: Rolex Yacht-Master

¿Quieres sentirte como si tuvieras un yate, pero evita el elevado precio? ¡El Rolex Yacht-Master es el reloj para ti! Si bien es posible que no se incluya ese olor a nuevo yate, este reloj de lujo agrega un toque de elegancia a los mares abiertos. Siga leyendo para obtener más información sobre este reloj diseñado para navegar sin problemas.

Acerca de Rolex Yacht-Masters

Denominada "El reloj de los mares abiertos" por Rolex, la colección Yacht-Master se inspira en el mundo de la navegación. Sus características resistentes al agua y duraderas lo convierten en el reloj perfecto para el estilo de vida en mar abierto.

El segundo modelo, el Yacht-Master II, es un temporizador de regata diseñado para la navegación competitiva, ya sea que esté cronometrando una carrera de yates o las vueltas de su hijo para la pista, ¡este es el reloj que desea en su muñeca!

Historia del Yacht-Master

Dado que Rolex fue un pionero en el mundo de los relojes a prueba de agua, tiene sentido que se alineen con el New York Yacht Club in 1958. Rolex has presented many races for the NYYC since their alliances’ inception, including the Invitational Cup of 2009.

Adding to this rich history is Francis Chichester — a British navigator, businessman and pioneering aviator. He was the first and fastest to sail around the globe single-handedly in his yacht, Gipsy Moth IV. He circumnavigated the globe with a Rolex on his wrist — it was able to withstand the harsh conditions along the nine month voyage.

Rolex debuted the first of the Yacht-Master collection in 1992 as an “ultra-luxury” watch built for the open seas. While able to withstand harsh conditions, it was more for show. That’s why Rolex debuted the Yacht-Master II in 2007 as a timepiece designed to time professional regattas.

Key Features of the Yacht-Master

Rolex makes both versions in a variety of metals/materials. In fact, it’s the only collection that features Rolex’s signature Rolesium (a combination of Oystersteel and platinum). As far as dials go, the Yacht-Master has a typical Rolex design: illuminated hour-markers, Mercedes hands, and a date window at 3 o’clock. According to Rolex, the bezel is a functional bidirectional rotatable 60-minute graduated bezel made of precious materials.

When it comes to function, the two models differ greatly. The Yacht-Master is a time and date watch while the Yacht-Master II is a regatta chronograph.

The Yacht-Master in Pop Culture

As with every Rolex model, many celebrities dawn the Yacht-Master proudly. Among some of the famous names are Mark Wahlberg, Roger Federer, David Beckham, and Conor McGregor.

How to Spot a Fake Yacht-Master

As with every Rolex model, legitimate Yacht-Masters have clear, concise dial-printing. If any of those details look off (such as varying text, leaking ink) chances are it’s a fake. Additionally, the adjustable countdown timer on the Yacht-Master II is so detailed and well-designed that it’s difficult to replicate. Chances are a counterfeiter won’t be perfectly duplicating that mechanism.

While there are tell-tale signs of fake Rolexes, counterfeiters are getting better at fooling the naked eye. Sometimes, the best way to make sure a Rolex is authentic is to have an expert inspect it. Our luxury watch experts at Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange have decades of experience and can spot the Rolex from the “Faux-lex” in a sweeping second. If you’ve purchased a Rolex and think it’s counterfeit, we’ll check it for you free of charge!