Fashion Plus Utility = Better Sales

Gold and Black Watch

After three years of decline, sales of women’s watches – the perfect combination of utility and fashion – are ticking up again.

NPD Group, a national marketing research firm, reports that from January through May of this year, sales increased 2 percent over the same period in 2017.

The numbers, said Karen Wood, vice president for service at Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange, reflect what she’s been seeing at the company’s four North Texas stores.

“A luxury watch is a great way to express your personal style,” she said. “More and more women are coming in to purchase watches for themselves, not just getting gifts from their husbands or boyfriends.”

Wood said several factors are driving the trend. Women are wearing bigger watches, she said, “instead of the little petite watches like maybe your grandma wore.”

That led some women to buy men’s models, which got the watchmakers’ attention.

“So they’re focusing more on women’s style watches,” she said. “They’re not just making small versions of men’s watches. Some brands are designing more watches for women.”

That’s smart, Wood said, because for women a watch is also a fashion accessory.

“Of course it’s functional,” she said. “but they’re treating it more like jewelry than a watch.”

Dallas Gold and Silver has a wide – and ever-changing – selection of pre-owned luxury watches, with famous names including Rolex, Cartier, Breitling and TAG Heuer, guaranteed in like-new condition and perfect working order.

That’s not the only reason to come in. “We see a lot of women who want to make their watch more feminine, not just looking like a small men’s watch. So we’ll accessorize it with mother-of-pearl dials, diamond bezels, or other things.

“We have beautiful watches right out of the box,” Wood said. “Or if you don’t want the same watch everyone else has, we can customize it.”